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Cast Trinity by Hanayama. Step by step solution.

In this video you will see step by step solution to Trinity puzzle by Hanayama. Difficulty level is 6 out of 6.

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Alexandra Nemteanu : Very helpful, I did it! But now I can't put it back together again.
TheSubatomicPlatypus : Some jerk in my house forced the puzzle, and now it is an an unsolvable position. The only way to fix it is to force it back, but I forced the wrong thing and it’s now even worse.
Haruko : 4:14 I dont know why but i‘m just not able to do that... the hanayama piece is blocking the noname piece
Matthew Nyegard : Sometimes I wonder if I am actually solving these all though appearing clueless, subconsciously perhaps I might be. For example, I was trying to put Infinity back in starting position, and apparently I was actually talking it apart. For News I ended up watching a video while just fidgeting with it, and noticed it felt more loose so I pulled and it came apart. Sometimes I get lost in what I do, that there is no logic to what I do.
Matthew Nyegard : So unfortunately when searching up about this puzzle my eyes caught the attention of what appears to be the solution. Just simply rotating clock wise. I don't understand how that puts the pieces in position to free the main pieces, but I do know that seems to work now. I may also understand why the keyword is Needle. My guess is the needle of a compass, which turning it clock wise like a needle seems to solve it. I feel like I didn't really solve the mystery though cause I accidentally saw what was apparently the solution online.
Matthew Nyegard : Bought and Received Square, Infinity and NEWS. Took apart all three and put together. Infinity I know exactly what to do now, Square it's complicated but it seems to work. NEWS, I have no idea how it even ends up getting those little Sticks in the position to free the pieces from each other.
Sam Bilsky : I did it a diffirent way, I used the skinny parts of the loop to go through the heads of one of the other pieces. Is this ok or did i cheat?
#1 Mexican boy : My first hanayama puzzel was the O'gear and it was the best
DRIFTER FALCON : how do you reassemble it
Nikoleta Konstantaki : Idk if I ruined my puzzle.

The Cast Chain Puzzle - It's about detail!

Designed by Oskar van Deventer and receiving the highest difficulty rating by Hanayama, the Cast Chain promising to be a challenge for everyone. Disentangle the three metal parts and reassemble them. Good Luck!

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Mandeville von Kevin MacLeod ist unter der Lizenz "Creative Commons Attribution" ( lizenziert.
Mr.Puzzle : It seems I confused myself due to the many disassembles and reassembles I required in preparation for this video. The orientation on the picture is the same as the shipping condition. Just the middle piece is flipped by 180°. All good! :D
Theejutha oumalee : Stupid leh I cannot do
Scott LaCroix : I've had this puzzle so long I forgot the original positioning! I finally solved it, then came looking for details... and found I had put it back together without the final step! Thank you for this, it's a great puzzle, glad I can solve it correctly now
blue Moon gamergirl : Now I'm practicing to impress my friends lol
blue Moon gamergirl : Ok so my 1 is flipped by the last person who had it they apparently put it together wrong?? What am I supposed to do about that??
James Shepard : too confusing man u made it more complicated
트라팔가로 : My chain's piece 1 is different and I can't do this!!!ㅜㅜ
Josh : Cool. I've had this thing for months and couldn't even figure out the first step.
Chris Man : Great puzzle, level 6 is why I chose this one took 30mins-1 hr to solve.


Today we're going to go through the Hanayama Rotor puzzle solution.

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Before we start, this is an incredibly hard puzzle to solve and even with this solution, it's still going to take some work on your part to get the Rotor solution.

The hardest part of the Rotor puzzle solution is that you have to figure out where you currently are (because the chances are you're not at the start or the end or even on the route you're about to see) and then work your way to a position that is on the solution you'll see here.

Hopefully that'll make more sense in the video.

Once you're on the path, this cast Rotor puzzle solution is still fairly tough to follow, my hope is that keeping the gold piece still and only moving the silver piece makes it as easy to follow as possible.

If you have any questions or would like help with something (relating to the rotor puzzle solution lol), comment below and I'll do what I can to help.

Enjoy the Hanayama Cast Rotor puzzle solution!
Julian Taylor : Buying this thing was the biggest mistake I have ever made
Kenny Graham : I'm so lost on this one. I've had it for 2 weeks now and have no clue where I'm at. Uggg
Devon Weathersby : I tried to solve it now I can't fix it XD!!
Andre J. Punior : I love your collections with all the boxes right by the puzzle. Looks sooo cool!
Ethan Everett : There is no way to remember this!
Justus Moses : Bro fucking show what your doing instead of talking it doesnt show the proper orientation when going back together you got bad angles...... its like just 1 2 3 anti clockwise movements and you dont show the piece just 1 2 3 up rotor and your doing it right wtf
Helo _ : V
mariche labis : Crak...


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